Good morning/afternoon/evening.
My name is Alejandro. I'm a professional human. As a professional human, I feel the need to do something with the knowledge that I have gained after eighteen years of life. After observing my species for close to two decades, it has become apparent that one of the greatest threats to our well being, the well being of others, and quite possibly the world, is insanity. Considering I am still alive, and sane (hopefully), I have chosen to write about this to the masses, and share my thoughts with all you boys and girls.

A word of caution, dear reader. This isn't a diagnostic tool, and I can't guarantee doing all of the crap I say will prevent you from going insane. If it does, neat! If it doesn't, I'm sorry. If you truly are concerned about your insanity, go seek some help from a professional psychologist or something. Seriously.

Having said that, I present to you my Unofficial Guide to Staying Sane in an Insane World. I feel like it's pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy. Or don't. It's up to you.