Some cool stuff.

Here are some things I find entertaining or interesting. I suggest you check them out.

In a Beautiful World: My friend is a really interesting person. She's super smart and drives a mini van. She's in Iowa right now getting her education on.

Hyperbole and a Half: Ms. Allie Brosh is a comedic genius and an excellent artist.

27b/6: Quite possibly one of the greatest things to come from Australia. You'll laugh so hard you'll die.

Poetry Lives: My friend Ellen started this as a project required to graduate from our high school, and it turned out to be a wonderful idea. Poems, poems, and poems from excellent writers.

Love is the Birds: This is my friend Caity's website. She's a singer, dancer, artist, writer, philospher, photographer and overall interesting person.

The Hardcore Ecologist: Troy is the world's next great philosopher. I suggest you read this. You'll learn a lot.

Calling People Names: Incredible. I feel like there's a perfect mix of humor and thoughtfulness here.

Shared Stories of the Asian American Experience: Stories are not only entertaining and fun, but they can also provide a different perspective. And seeing the world through a different perspective is one of the most important things you can ever learn to do.

Chemin de fer: This is Caity's blog! Yeah, the same Caity that is mentioned up above! She's full of neat stuff, so I suggest you take a look at this.