Saturday, December 4, 2010

Changing the world.

Dearest reader, as of late, I have found it incredibly difficult to keep my faith in humanity. I have come to realize that the world is falling apart, and I feel like absolutely nothing is being done to prevent it. I have developed a cynical perspective, and it isn't good. Probably.

But can you really blame me? The 21st century is a fucked up place. Wars breaking out, brainwashing advertising, obsessive consumerism, climate change, factory farming, Twilight fanatics, drug trafficking, apathy, genocides, ethnocentrism, the need for instant gratification, anthropocentrism, racism, biblical weather, celebrity news, anorexia nervosa, obesity, homophobia, the list is long, and it's probably growing.

Yes, without question, we're going to blow ourselves and the world to smithereens.
I realized this in my psychology class as we discovered the wonderfully stupid world of advertising. After viewing some advertisement involving some girl make out with a sandwich and then proceed to pretty much have sex with it, I started thinking about the rest of the crap that makes humans the worst living thing ever. Yes, even worse than those fucking camel spiders. Humans make camel spiders look like freakin' puppies. I immediately fell into a deep, deep hole of angst, anger, and cynicism. I felt as if there was nothing that could be done, that all human beings sucked even more than a leech or a cheap prostitute.

I apologize for this little bit of the post, but the sandwich thing needs to be addressed. Seriously? That's probably one of the worst things I've ever seen. Even if I wasn't vegetarian, I wouldn't eat that. I don't think sex and eating should ever be combined. It's actually kind of gross. I know, I know, sex sells. But still, seriously, America? Seriously, Carl's Jr.? And the worse part of this is the fact that it actually works. IT FUCKING WORKS. I feel like vomiting whenever I see this. Ugh.


I hated everyone. I wanted to see the world catch on fire, and I wanted to see everyone's moronic face cry out, "We're sorry, we were dumb and stuff, like, oh, my god, this fire hurts a lot. Ouch, ouch, ouch, if this stops, I swear I'll only drive to that one store that I can easily walk to in ten minutes on cold days, ouch." And then I'd be all like, "No, you're lying, shut the hell up, you suck." I was absolutely convinced there was nothing to be done, and it was all humanity's fault.

I went insane. Or close to it.

As I type this post out, I'm also skimming and exploring the vast land of the internet. I notice a lot of things that are just really dumb, and I realize that a lot of people I know honestly don't give a flying fuck about our doom, and I'm instantly filled with annoyance and anger, but not as much as before. I'm no longer planning to destroy skyscrapers with vast quantities of soap like Tyler Durden once did. I realized that there is something that can be done.
I am currently attempting to organize a day of anger, which will consist of protests, angry fists punching the polluted, CO2 enriched air, and lots of yelling. As of now organizing such an event is merely fantasy, but the idea is keeping me sane.

So, yeah. Often, the most troubling situations can stress us out into thinking nothing can be done and we will fall into a state of utter hopelessness. Don't, though. It's bad. If there is something that ever pisses you off, or makes you sad to the point where you begin to feel insane, do something about it. Confront it head on, and make it your bitch. The world is a messed up place, and it won't fix itself on its own. No, sir, we need to change it. Displacing a single grain of sand in a desert will instantly change the landscape. A small change is still a change. And even when it seems like there is nothing to be done, believe you me, there is. It just takes a little creative thinking. And some hopeful thinking as well. (Optimism is good sometimes.)We are capable of that, and consequently, we are capable of change.

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